ROCKVILLE CENTRE - Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been a driving force of the Common Core Standards, but he is now saying that he has concerns over how the controversial curriculum is being implemented.

As News 12 has reported, more than 60,000 Long Island students opted out of this year's English and mathematics exams. About 200,000 students statewide opted out. Parents and teachers are among those who have been outspoken on the flaws of the system, questioning its worth.

Cuomo is asking a group from his Education Reform Commission to review the issues and make recommendations in time for his State of the State address in January.

The governor released a statement Thursday afternoon saying: "I have said repeatedly my position is that while I agree with the goal of Common Core Standards, I believe the implementation by the State Education Department has been deeply flawed... The fact is that the current Common Core program in New York is not working, and must be fixed. To that end, the time has come for a comprehensive review of the implementation of the Common Core Standards, curriculum, guidance and tests in order to address local concerns."

Rockville Centre superintendent William Johnson has been an outspoken critic of the state's implementation of the Common Core. He says Cuomo's statements suggest that the frustration voiced by so many parents and teachers is having an impact.

Jeannette Deutermann, one of the leaders of the Long Island Opt-Out movement, says that Cuomo can only blame himself for the failure of Common Core.