NEW YORK - Gov. Cuomo today announced that 8 million gallons of fuel have been delivered to New York and another 28 million gallons will be delivered over the next few days. Cuomo also stated that trucks will only be delivering to stations that have electricity. The governor went on to say that generators will be provided to the stations that have fuel but no power. The Department of Defense will set up mobile fuel stations across the New York area throughout the morning, where drivers will be able to get a maximum of 10 gallons of gas, free of charge. The governor's office did not provide exact times. Officials say the mobile fueling stations should only be used in case of emergency. Mobile fueling stations will be set up at the following locations:- Bronx Armory at 10 West 195th St. - Brooklyn Armory at 1579 Bedford Ave. - Staten Island/Elizabeth Armory at 321 Manor Road - Queens Armory at 93-05 160th St.