Crumbling house on South Hickory Street being torn down in Lindenhurst

After a decade-long battle, Lindenhurst Village is knocking down a crumbling house. (4/17/14)

LINDENHURST - Lindenhurst Village is knocking down a crumbling house after a decadelong battle.

For over 10 years, the vacant property has been an eyesore for people along South Hickory Street near the Great South Bay.

Edward Parthe, the owner of the home, says he has been trying to fix the home up and sell it. Parthe says he had a buyer lined up to take the property if the village would wait on the demolition. The village says Parthe had years to close the deal, but didn't.

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The village says the property has had hundreds of code violations and the owner owes as much as $75,000 in taxes and fees.

Crews started the demolition Thursday but had to stop for safety reasons and to get a different piece of heavy machinery. The work is expected to continue Friday.

The village says that it will be billing Parthe for the cost of the demolition. During the process, it will be installing a temporary fence around the structure to keep the area safe.

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