BRENTWOOD - Crews are testing the soil of a Suffolk County park that has been shut down due to alleged illegal dumping of hazardous materials.

Last year, a church within the Town of Islip asked for permission to fix up soccer fields at Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood. After getting approval, the church started working with outside contractors, who allegedly used the park to dump 32,000 tons of debris, including asbestos, in the park.

A spokeswoman for the Town of Islip told News 12 that the contractors started bringing landfill to the park last August and that it has since been covered over by dirt.

Gary Moon's house sits on the same block of land as Roberto Clemente Park, just yards away from where asbestos was found. He has retained an attorney, and showed paperwork to News 12 from Southside Hospital. It says his son was diagnosed with a cough and "asbestos exposure" as the additional diagnosis. He blames the toxins found in the park for his son’s sickness.

In the latest round of testing, crews are drilling 10 feet down into the dirt looking for other possible contaminants, including heavy oils and metals. It will be several weeks before all final test results are back.

The Environmental group Citizens Campaign for the Environment has sent letters to the Environmental Protection Agency asking for an investigation.