NORTH HEMPSTEAD - An elderly North Hempstead couple coping with health issues is trying to renovate their home to make it wheelchair-accessible, but they've been slapped with a bevy of violations from the Town of North Hempstead. After Yola Dessables lost her leg last year, her daughter hired a contractor to widen her bathroom door so a wheelchair could fit through. Town code enforcers spotted the contractor's van and asked to see a permit, but the contractor didn't have one. The contractor, Anthony McCabe, who specializes in making homes handicap-accessible, tells News 12 Long Island that it was a small job that shouldn't have required a permit. But the town issued him a summons and he eventually paid $750. The town also issued six $1,000 violations to the Dessables. The couple says they can't afford to pay.The town's building commissioner says the codes are in place to keep residents safe. He says the Dessables could get hurt if structural work isn't performed properly, or there could be trouble when they try to sell their home. The Dessables have hired an attorney and will face the town in court tomorrow.