BETHPAGE - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) delivered his second State of the County address this evening, and recovery was the overriding theme.

He proclaimed that Nassau is in a "state of repair."

"After a decade of higher taxes, lavish spending, and little reform, Nassau is now on the road to recovery because of the tough decisions made to take on the status quo," Mangano said.

He also touted his accomplishments, including his work on Nassau's home energy taxes and home assessment system.

The county executive said there's still work to be done, suggesting that renegotiating current labor contracts would be key to getting the county's finances in order.

Mangano also praised Nassau police, noting that crime has dropped 10 percent since he took office.

In the Democratic rebuttal, Legislator Diane Yatauro said that Mangano did more to blame the prior administration than to manage the budget.

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