UNIONDALE - County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) may hold a referendum to ask local taxpayers if they would want to fund a $400 million project to replace Nassau Coliseum. The issue of the future of the arena came back into play after Mangano laid out several options for development in his State of the County address last night. The first option was a mixed-use development like the Lighthouse Project, which the county executive rejected as not "economically viable." Another possibility was a public-private partnership with the Shinnecock Nation to develop a gaming casino on the land that surrounds Nassau Coliseum.The referendum was proposed as a third option. If Long Islanders vote in favor of funding the new arena, it would likely come with a tax increase, but Mangano declined to provide details on the tax option. Civic leader Pearl Jacobs says she would favor the casino option only if it also included a written agreement that it would benefit Uniondale."We're looking for jobs for our residents, we're looking for a safe community," she says.