RIVERHEAD - Riverhead Town Councilwoman Jodi Giglio upset three-term incumbent Supervisor Sean Walter in the Republican primary Thursday night by a total of 29 votes.

"I think that Sean has done his best," Giglio said after her victory. "He's had six years to fulfill his mission and some things. Sometimes, you need a new set of eyes."

While some voters welcomed the news of Giglio's victory, she must still face Democrat challenger Anthony Coates, and possibly Sean Walter running again on the Conservative ballot Line in November.

In a phone interview with News 12, Walter called the primary "a very close race."

"Twenty-nine votes is no mandate for Jodie Giglio, and the bottom line is, if this were a straight head-to-head competition between Jodi and I, I think I would have won," says Walter.

Giglio disagreed with Walter's assessment.

Whomever wins the election in November will have some problems to solve. Riverhead's bond rating is the worst in Suffolk and its budget reserves are nearly depleted.