SHIRLEY - A Long Islander says he made a sharp discovery inside a burger from Checkers.

Cory Svoboda, of Mastic Beach, and his girlfriend went through the drive-through of Checkers on William Floyd Parkway in Shirley Saturday night. He says he returned home, unwrapped his burger, put some hot sauce on it and bit into it. That's when he says he found a razor blade in his burger.

Svoboda says he called the manager and was offered a replacement burger. He refused, went back to Checkers, showed the manager the blade and was allegedly told that it's not the type of razor that the fast food restaurant uses.

Svoboda filed a police report and went to the hospital for a tetanus shot. He says he plans to call health officials and contact a lawyer.

"The health and safety of our food is our top priority," a spokesperson for Checkers said in a statement. "We are aware of the complaint, and we have launched a thorough internal investigation. However, it is still too early in our investigation to reach any conclusions."