WOODBURY - The teen who admitted to starting a drag race that resulted in the death of five of his friends is under fire again after posting controversial pictures to social media.

Sandy Lonnborg, whose daughter died in the crash, argues that the posting shows that Cory Gloe has no remorse for his actions.

Gloe, 19, posted a selfie to his Instagram account taken outside a Nassau County courthouse. The caption uses a profanity and emojis to denigrate the police.

Lonnborg says the post appeared in March on the same day that Gloe pleaded guilty to causing the crash. 

A judge had initially said he planned to sentence Gloe as a youthful offender to six months in jail and five years of probation.

Gloe's Instagram profile also had a caption that read, "I'll be in and out faster than you can spin a doubt."

Lonnborg shared the Instagram posts with prosecutors, who showed them to the judge Friday.

The new information comes on the same day that the judge dismissed weapons charges against Gloe stemming from a separate arrest. 

News 12 reached out to Gloe's attorney for comment on the social media post but has not yet received a response.