CORAM - The Lighthouse Mission, which has been working to stem the growing homeless population in Coram, says it has been forced to move outreach locations due to a recent stabbing.

Pastor Jim Ryan has been on a mission for years to help the homeless who are living in tents and sleeping on mattresses in the woods surrounding the Coram Plaza shopping center.

"Our goal is to bring them some food, clothes, whatever they need," says Ryan.

Pastor Ryan says their recent relocation has created a challenging situation.

"If anything it just moved the problem down the block. The Lighthouse Mission isn't the problem," says Ryan.

Suffolk Legislator Sarah Anker says after a homeless man was stabbed in June, it was clear that the mission needed to relocate. She says a new task force has stepped up security and brought in help from county and private agencies.

"They have members that actually go into the woods, try to being those folks out to get them shelter and food. But a lot of those folks just don't want to," says Anker.

Anker also says she is also working with the state to clean up a portion of the wooded parcel near that shopping center.