HUNTINGTON STATION - Authorities say a taxi driver is under arrest after he drove his cab into two off-duty police officers early today in Huntington Station.

Suffolk County police say the two off-duty Nassau County officers were pulled over to the side of Oakwood Road when Thomas Moroughan pulled up and an argument ensued.

Police say when Moroughan drove toward one of the officers, the officer fired into the taxi, identified himself as a police officer and told Moroughan to get out of the car.

Police say Moroughan refused to get out and struck both officers with the taxi.

But Moroughan's boss, the owner of Dobro Express Taxi, says Moroughan is not a criminal but a victim.

Denis Dobrochasov says it was a Nassau cop who raced around the taxi, got out of the car and opened fire at Moroughan and his girlfriend in the taxi.

Moroughan was treated for gunshot wounds and then arrested on charges including reckless endangerment and assault. No information on an attorney was available.

The officers were treated for cuts and bruises.

AP wire services were used in this report.