WEST ISLIP - A 26-year-old woman was arraigned on second-degree murder charges Friday after allegedly murdering her newborn hours after giving birth.

According to police, Santos Elena Ruiz Solano, of Central Islip, was working as a live-in house keeper in a West Islip home when she gave birth to a baby girl last Sunday. Police say the newborn's skull was fractured shortly after birth and she died at the scene. 

Police say Ruiz Solano allegedly put the baby in a plastic bag and called her husband to take her to Southside Hospital saying she felt sick.

After being interviewed by medical personnel, Ruiz Solano admitted to giving birth.

Police say the baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed into a garbage near Southside Hospital.

Ruiz Solano came to the U.S. illegally from Honduras seven months ago. In court Friday, her family alleged she was raped in route to the U.S.

Police say neither her husband nor her employers knew Ruiz Solano was pregnant. She is being held without bail.