NORTH MERRICK - Cops say the pit bull responsible for an attack on a North Merrick woman last week may have been shot last night. Police are continuing their ongoing search for the pit bull who nearly killed the woman. The dog has been spotted numerous times over the past couple of days, including yesterday on Ott Lane, where police believe they may have shot it. Detective Lt. Kevin Smith says three of four officers were in the area when the pit bull emerged, and they had to fire their weapons in the direction of the dog.Residents say they can not even walk outside their homes without being scared of getting attacked by a dog that seems to keep eluding getting caught. Today, police searched from the air in helicopters and on the ground. The Town of Hempstead Animal Control was also on patrol in the area.

Cops respond to possible sighting of pit bull in N. MerrickCops continue search for pit bull in vicious Merrick attackCops hunt for pit bull after attack in Merrick