ELMONT - Police say a bright green toy gun prompted an hours-long lockdown at Elmont Memorial High School today, and some parents say they're upset with the way the incident was handled.

Special operations teams, K-9 units and Nassau County police swarmed the school at around 7:30 a.m., after a 911 caller reported a male student who was carrying a suspicious green gun.

Chopper 12 was over the scene as students swarmed out of the building and onto a field. The school was in lockdown for five-and-a-half hours before police announced that they found a toy lever-action Nerf gun in a student's locker.

School officials say a call was sent out to parents alerting them of the situation, but some parents say the school should have been more forthcoming with information. Many parents lined up at the building while the lockdown was going on to demand information, but they say officials were not being helpful.

After the lockdown was lifted, the school's principal addressed the crowd that had gathered to update them on the situation.

Police say no arrests were made. The toy gun was confiscated by school officials and will be returned to the student's parents. The district superintendent says the student will be disciplined by the school.