VALLEY STREAM - A 16-year-old Queens boy was formally charged today with two sexual attacks that were reported in the Valley Stream area, and investigators say they believe the teen is a serial sexual predator.

Nashane Peterkin, of Howard Beach, has been charged with first-degree rape, first-degree attempted sexual abuse, second-degree assault and strangulation.

Police say Peterkin raped a 60-year-old woman in Valley Stream State Park last Sunday afternoon. On Aug. 12, detectives say Peterkin grabbed a 30-year-old woman who was 7 months pregnant on Mill Road in Valley Stream. In that case, authorities say Peterkin pushed her to the ground, punched in the face and tried to rip off her shirt before the woman fought him off.

Investigators say Peterkin is a "very dangerous" person who was motivated by his sexual desires. Police say they have DNA evidence and that one of the victims identified Peterkin as their attacker.

Sources tell News 12 that Peterkin was arrested in 2011 for two sex assaults in Queens, but those cases were handled in family court because he was a juvenile. Police today declined to comment on Peterkin's criminal past.

Detectives are also probing a third sexual attack reported earlier this month in Lynbrook that bears some similarities to the Valley Stream attacks, although Peterkin has not been charged in that case.

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