HICKSVILLE - Police say a man assaulted a teen boy with a crowbar last month after driving his teenage daughter and her friends to a park to fight another girl.

According to police, Richard Ortiz, 45, of East Meadow, hit a 17-year-old boy in the head with a crowbar earlier this month in Hicksville. The victim was transported to a hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.

Ortiz’s daughter, Alexandra, says her dad came to her rescue.

“I was jumped by 15 guys and my dad was there to defend me. My dad is innocent and it was all self-defense,” she told News 12.

However, Nassau police claim Ortiz drove his 19-year-old daughter and three friends to Abe Levitt Park in Hicksville so she could fight another girl. They say when a 17-year-old man tried to break up the fight, Ortiz hit him with a crowbar.

Deron Castro, Ortiz’s attorney, says Alexandra reported to her school that the victim and his friends have bullied her all year. He also says that the group threatened to burn her house down if she didn’t show up at the park.

Ortiz's wife says he didn't drive his daughter or her friends to the park. She says he only showed up to protect his daughter from getting attacked. She says Ortiz was home sleeping when they got a frantic call from their daughter.

Police say they do not believe her story.

The father of five daughters was arraigned on assault charges.

The judge issued Ortiz to be held on $20,000 bond.