JONES BEACH - Police say they found what appears to be human remains at two locations today near Jones Beach, but it is not yet known if they are separate bodies. Nassau police spokesman Det. Lt. Kevin Smith said a human skull was found among vegetation about 90 feet from Ocean Parkway this afternoon. Police found another set of remains earlier in the day.

Eight sets of human remains have been found in the area along Ocean Parkway since December and authorities today moved their search westward into Nassau County to comb for more evidence. State police, state parks police, Suffolk County police and Nassau investigators have searched the western side of the parkway using K-9 units, aviation teams, officers on horseback and ladder trucks from local fire departments. The search in Nassau County comes as police continue their homicide investigation into the bodies found in the Gilgo Beach area since December.

Officials say the theory that the killer may be someone familiar with law enforcement and police procedures is mere suspicion. Police say a missing New Jersey woman, Shannan Gilbert, is still the main objective, and both county departments are relentlessly combing through the brush to search for her.

AP wire services were used in this report. Long Island Search and Rescue Website