FRANKLIN SQUARE - Police say they found a huge stash of assault weapons, explosives and drugs inside a quaint home in Franklin Square, and the man who lives there with his parents is now facing a slew of felony charges.

Police say 26-year-old Gabriel DiPierno was a high-level drug dealer who kept assault rifles, shotguns, painkillers, $50,000 worth of steroids and 3,000 packets of heroin tucked away in his bedroom. He was arrested at his family's home at 306 Rintin St. yesterday evening, police say.

Nassau police say DiPierno used an elaborate set-up involving multiple post office boxes in different names and locations to get the drugs. They say he used a complex scheme to obtain drugs from across the country and beyond, including Mexico.

Investigators say DiPierno popped onto their radar when an officer on a routine patrol spotted him allegedly selling heroin to 28-year-old Kenneth Butler, also of Franklin Square. Butler faces only heroin charges at this time.

DiPierno was denied bail today at his arraignment on 21 felony charges in First District Court in Hempstead. His mother was visibly shaken at the hearing, and she told reporters, "We're good parents... We know he has a problem."

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