CENTRAL ISLIP - The woman accused of striking three teenage pedestrians with her SUV in Deer Park while high on drugs last night was arraigned in court earlier today. Police say 12 teens were on a scavenger hunt when Cathleen Wild, 28, hit three of them near the intersection of Grand Boulevard and West 6th Street. Police say Wild was high on drugs and had a pair of hypodermic needles in her underwear. Wild was seen crying during her court appearance, even though witnesses say she lacked remorse after the accident. "She was more worried about her car," says Christina Kelly, whose daughter was with the injured group. "She didn't even go over to the children, and the kids were all laid out all over the place." According to the court documents, Wild told police she was returning from a tanning salon and the kids leaped in front of the car. Police also say Wild was driving with a suspended license. Her bail was set at $100,000.Driver charged with DUI after SUV hits 3 Deer Park teens