HUNTINGTON STATION - Police say they made three arrests today in connection with a triple shooting that happened in Huntington Station Sunday.

Authorities say two teens and a 22-year-old were riding in a Jeep down 1st Avenue at around 3:30 p.m. when a group of men surrounded them and opened fire. Darius Howard, 16, Devon White, 18 and Philip Perez, 22, were all shot and are expected to be recover.

Police say 23-year-old Jean Guirand, 19-year-old Sheldon Leftenant, and 15-year-old Kendron Rivers were present when the shots were fired. All of the suspects have been charged with three counts each of gang assault, but Rivers had his charges dropped to first-degree assault. It remains unclear who actually fired the shots.

Lawyers for the suspects think police made the arrests in hopes of getting someone to come forward with information.

Dennis Dowd, Leftenat's attorney, says his client wasn't anywhere near the crime scene, while Guirand's lawyer, Steven Politi, says his client is innocent.

Leftenant has been released on $25 bail. Guirand is being held on a drug charge, while Rivers is being held at the Nassau County juvenile jail.

Huntington Station residents on edge after triple shooting