NORTH VALLEY STREAM - Officials say an armed suspect in a North Valley Stream home invasion took his own life rather than surrender when Nassau police disrupted the burglary last night. According to police, three gunmen broke into a home on Dana Avenue at around 9:15 p.m. A mother and four children were inside at the time, officials say. The father, who owns a lucrative Riverhead-based liquor company, was ordered inside by one of the gunmen when he arrived home. Sources say the homeowner had been on the phone with his brother, who called 911. The suspects tied up the man, along with his wife and one of the children, using electrical cords. Officials say that when Nassau police arrived on the scene, a victim inside alerted officers that the armed suspects were still there. A responding officer was able to break down the door and rescue the two adults and four children from the home, police say. After the family was safely outside, officers confronted two of the suspects inside the house and gunfire was exchanged, police say. One suspect surrendered and was taken into custody. He's been identified as 47-year-old Levy Robinson, of Jamaica, Queens. Police say that another suspect, 37-year-old Timothy Capers, fatally shot himself in the head inside the home rather than surrender. Police say they're still looking for other suspects, although they have not released descriptions or said how many suspects they're seeking.

Officials: Burglars fire shots at police in Valley Stream