A convicted sex offender trying to clear his name spoke with some Long Island law students at Touro Law Center Tuesday night.

Jesse Friedman says he never sexually assaulted a child and maintains he was wrongfully convicted. He says he has new evidence that will prove his innocence.

The new evidence includes statements from former accusers who have now recanted their stories of abuse. Filmmaker Andrew Jarecki interviewed them for the documentary "Capturing the Friedmans."

Friedman served 13 years in prison for committing sexual crimes against young children and while he pleaded guilty at the time, he says he's actually innocent.

Twenty-five years ago, when Friedman was 19, he says he was railroaded by police into pleading guilty to multiple counts of abuse. The victims who testified were young boys, between 8 and 10 years old.

They all attended a computer class taught by Friedman's father, Arnold, at the family's home in Great Neck.

Friedman's been out of prison on parole for 12 years, fighting to clear his name.

Friedman says he's hopeful the new evidence will clear his name and remove his level-three sex offender status.