MINEOLA - A convicted drunken driver who challenged the results of her blood-alcohol test was sentenced today to time served in prison.

Prosecutors say that Erin Marino slammed her vehicle into a car carrying Hempstead resident Edita Bonilla and her husband, Nicolas. The couple was badly injured in the 2009 crash, and Marino was convicted of drunken driving after the Nassau County crime lab found her blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

The conviction was tossed out over doubts about the accuracy of evidence processed at the crime lab in 2011. However, that decision was reversed by an appellate court, and the case was sent back to a judge for Marino's sentencing today.

The judge said that since it was Marino's first offense and she has been attending an alcohol abuse program since the accident, she seems to have learned her lesson.

Marino was sentenced to time served, plus five years of probation. She also must install an ignition interlock device on her car and drive with it for the next five years.

The Bonillas left court quietly today without commenting on the sentence, but prosecutors are calling it inappropriate. They say that it sends the wrong message, and local anti-drunken driving groups agree.