MINEOLA - A convicted Long Island child molester is hoping to clear his name.

Jesse Friedman and his father Arnold pleaded guilty in 1988 to molesting 14 boys during computer classes at their Great Neck home. He served 13 years but insists he was forced to confess to the crimes.

Three years ago, a federal appeals court ruled with Friedman, saying there's a likelihood that he is innocent. The court chastized authorities' interrogation techniques back in the 1980s. It ruled that much of what the children admitted to may not have ever happened. 

Six of the alleged victims have since come forward saying that the sexual abuse never occurred.

Friedman tried to get an update today from the Nassau District Attorney's Office, which was ordered to review the case.

Friedman says he is certain that he will be exonerated.

The judge ordered both sides back to court on June 28. The district attorney's office says it will be done with a review of the case by then.