WOODBURY - A government panel made a recommendation today that the controversial human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine that has been previously recommended for girls to prevent cervical cancer should also be administered to young boys.According to health officials, the vaccine can help prevent boys 11 years old and up from spreading HPV to girls, as well as protect boys from other kinds of cancers. Pediatrician Dr. John Zaso says he's already administered dozens of the shots, which have proven effective in preventing oral and esophageal cancers in men, as well as genital lesions. The Federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended the shot for girls five years ago. However, Dr. Jonathan Dashiff, of Linchitz Medical Wellness, says the vaccination only covers two of the 20 strains that can cause cervical cancer in women."What this amounts to is an extremely costly experiment on our kids," he says.