SAYVILLE - Over the past few weeks, economists say consumer spending, the stock market and housing sales have been up, while unemployment has been ticking down.

However, many times what's happening on Wall Street is very different from what's taking place on Main Street, USA.

One Long Island economist says much of the recovery is “smoke and mirrors,” and that the recovery in Nassau and Suffolk counties will take a little longer than the rest of the nation.

"Remember, consumer spending is up because the federal government has put an injection of over $4 billion in due to Sandy," says economic analyst Dr. Martin Cantor.

But Bill Etts, of the Sayville Chamber of Commerce, believes the economy has turned the corner.

"For the last four years, there has been nothing but real pessimism," he says. "I think we are seeing customers coming in and thinking, 'Gee, I can spend now,' which is something we haven't seen in a while."