WASHINGTON - Congress is back from spring break and tackling immigration reform.

Officials say a path to citizenship can become a reality for those in the country illegally.

A bipartisan coalition in the Senate has worked for months to hammer out an immigration reform plan and now senators could possibly be on track to get the bill to the floor.

According to officials, the House and Senate seem to agree that something needs to be done about immigration. However, now that a bill is at the top of agenda, getting everyone on the same page could prove to be difficult.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, along with seven fellow senators, is set to introduce a bipartisan immigration reform proposal. The 13-year path to citizenship is a key component.

Some Democrats wonder if a guest worker program would be too big of a concession to make. However, not all conservatives are on board either, some viewing the proposal as a form of amnesty for workers entering the country illegally.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the matter later this month.