FUKUSHIMA, Japan - (AP) - It's not clear exactly what is going on at a nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, but conditions there appear to be worsening.

Workers who've been dousing nuclear reactors with seawater tocool them were pulled out of the plant after radiation levelsspiked. The government says that likely happened when white cloudsdrifted up from one of the reactors.The radiation is believed to have come from Unit 3, whereworkers are struggling with a fuel storage pond that's believed tobe leaking radiation. They're also contending with possible damageto the containment vessel.

After several hours, the radiation levels decreased and theworkers were ordered to return to the site.

It's not clear not clear what, if any, operations continuedwhile the workers were gone.At one point, national broadcaster NHK showed militaryhelicopters lifting off to survey radiation levels above thecomplex, preparing to dump water onto the most troubled reactors.The defense ministry later said those flights were a drill, and ithad no plans to make a water drop from the air.

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