HAUPPAUGE - Dr. Bennet Omalu, who has taken the NFL to task over head injuries and whose story was recently made into a movie, delivered a passionate speech Wednesday on Long Island.

While he may now be best known as the man portrayed by actor Will Smith in the 2015 film "Concussion," Omalu prefers to be known as one of the most influential scientists of his generation.

Omalu was in Hauppauge on Wednesday, speaking at a forum hosted by the Head Injury Association.

He was the doctor who examined the brains of former NFL players and discovered CTE, a neurological disorder caused by blows to the head, linked to depression and several players' suicides.

Omalu's discovery has changed the way many look at the NFL, at football in general and the safety of the sport. He does insist, however, that he's not against the NFL, but is trying to get the league to accept the truth about head injuries.

Omalu's overall message at the forum was about preserving humanity, saying that the life of one NFL player is much bigger than the entire league.