HEMPSTEAD VILLAGE - Tenants of an affordable rental complex in Hempstead Village voiced their concerns over their housing conditions at a public hearing Monday night.

Evelyn Davis, a tenant of the Rivoli House for 16 years, said that drug use is rampant in the apartment building’s stairwell. She also said that the day care facility located in the 111 unit building has leaks, no air conditioning and sewage coming up from their sink.

At the meeting, Davis asked how a building management company could continue to receive a tax break under the federal pilot program for providing more affordable housing, given their current conditions.

Hempstead Village Mayor Wayne Hall says the company managing the building was granted the tax break under a previous administration. Wayne also says he's aware of the rundown conditions, and has addressed it in the past.

“We found maybe 75 violations,” said Wayne. “They have 46 of them still pending and it has to go through the court.”

The mayor says the building is in negotiations with a potential new owner, but that owner will have to apply to the town of Hempstead or Nassau County for the tax break through the pilot program.

Building management for the Rivoli House did not return calls from News 12 to comment on this story.