RONKONKOMA - Commuters say they are frustrated by parking tickets they have received at the Long Island Rail Road station in Ronkonkoma.

Commuters told News 12 Long Island that the parking lot on the Brookhaven side of the station is filled with potholes, has no designated lines for parking and is in desperate need of paving.

Parking violations add up to $75 per ticket.

News 12 called the Town of Brookhaven and asked why the town was issuing tickets in a parking lot owned by the LIRR and citing violations for illegal parking when it is unclear where commuters can park.

The town then issued a statement saying, "The Town of Brookhaven is aware of the situation and will no longer issue tickets in the lot west of the overpass. Any tickets issued in error will be dismissed."

News 12 asked the Town of Brookhaven if it will reimburse commuters who paid tickets, but they have not yet responded. News 12 also asked the LIRR if it has any plans of repairing and rebuilding the parking lot. It did not respond.