MEDFORD - Police say a tip from the community led to a major drug bust in Medford.

Authorities seized 6 pounds of marijuana, 30 grams of Molly and oxycodone pills from a home on Gray Avenue yesterday morning, according to police. Police say they also recovered a loaded shotgun, a revolver and $6,000 in cash.

"The information we received from the public was that the drug dealer was serving their customers through that window where the shotgun was,” says Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini. “That shotgun was ready to be used just in case someone tried to rip these drug dealers off or they spotted law enforcement."

Three people inside the home were arrested and are facing weapons and drug charges. They have been identified as 32-year-old Clinton Parks;  31-year-old Leonard Francis; and 20-year-old Willie Davis. A fourth person inside the home, 64-year-old Sheila Richardson, was issued a field appearance ticket for marijuana possession. Her arraignment is set for a later date.