HEMPSTEAD - Parents and activists rallied in front of the Hempstead school administration building Thursday to call for more transparency.

Last month, the state Department of Education ranked Hempstead High School as one of the state's persistently struggling schools. To enact change, the state implemented a new policy giving the school superintendent, Susan Johnson, powers to create a plan of action.

The state also promised millions in additional funding to Hempstead's schools to make improvements. To get the extra money, the state requires districts like Hempstead to create a community engagement team. Some parents say they were not told how to get involved with the newly formed group.

Hempstead mom TJ Shivers says she gives the district failing grades for sharing information on how that money is to be spent.

"I want to know where every penny is going," Shivers tells News 12.

A Hempstead schools spokesperson tells News 12, "The school district has seen tremendous progress over the past few years, and the superintendent is working hard to provide for the further betterment of our students in the most open and transparent way possible."

The district says it will hold a public forum on Saturday to get more input from the community.