WOODBURY - Civil rights attorney Fred Brewington and a community group wants the Justice Department to investigate the Nassau County Police Department.

They say criminal charges should be filed against ousted Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Dale. They also are calling for a new, independent investigation of the Randy White case.

Dale resigned abruptly last week after an investigation by Nassau DA Kathleen Rice. Her office found that the commissioner personally directed police officers to arrest Randy White, a key witness in an election fraud case connected to the county executive race.

Rice said Dale's actions raise troubling questions, but stopped short of filing criminal charges.

Brewington and the community group, Corridor, say that's a double standard and that Rice is putting politics above justice.

"If he was John Doe and happened to be walking down the streets in Hempstead, they wouldn't bring one charge, they'd throw the whole book at him," he says.

Brewington wants full legislative hearings on the case and for the U.S. Attorney's Office to investigate. Democrats in the Legislature have also called for hearings.