HAUPPAUGE - Residents in Hauppauge are coming together to help a baby girl born with a rare, incurable disease that makes her skin extremely sensitive.

Makenzie Cadmus was born with a disease called dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, or DEB. 

Her mother says that Makenzie suffers from a mutation in the gene that makes collagen 7, a protein.  Because of that, her skin blisters at the slightest friction. The 7-month-old has to wear layers of bandages to protect her fragile skin, as well as socks on her hands and feet to cover the bandages. 

In a show of support, friends, family and football players also donned socks on their hands at Hauppauge High School’s football game on Friday night.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with her medical needs.

“I think anybody who meets her just wants to be with her and be part of her life,” says her mother Liz Cadmus.

Makenzie and others suffering from the disease are called butterfly babies because their fragile skin is delicate like butterfly wings.