COMMACK - The Commack Community Association says trucks are using a residential two-lane street as a shortcut, and the group believes it’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

The group’s president, Bruce Ettenberg, says Townline Road has become a favorite shortcut for heavy trucks. The association estimates that 1,500 heavy trucks use the road each day.

"We have 18-wheel trucks that weigh 80,000 pounds coming down a street that is designed for cars,” he says. “It's only 37 feet wide."

Townline Road is a county road, with half of it in Huntington and the other half in Smithtown. Smithtown is willing to restrict the heavy trucks, but Huntington told News 12 that it is the county’s duty to post truck limits. A Suffolk County spokesperson told News 12 the opposite - that it’s the town responsibility to set the restrictions.

Bob Semprini, of Commack, calls the traffic a “life or death issue” and says the drivers speed through traffic zones.

"[The truck drivers] totally disregard the traffic laws, he says.