HEMPSTEAD - More than 200 Nassau Coliseum employees are expected to file suit against Nassau County, claiming they were exposed to asbestos while working inside the aging facility. Workers say they received a notice saying more than 35,000 square-feet of the building requires asbestos repairs. However, they say no one has ever confirmed to them that the substance was an actual issue. John Champoli, an attorney representing the county, says there is asbestos in the Coliseum and the county is preparing for lawsuits. A spokesman for SMG Management, the company that runs the building, says the abatement project should be completed in two months and that all repairs will take place in non-public areas. The company also says that all work will be performed according to federal guidelines, and that repeated air tests have indicated the Coliseum is safe. Meanwhile, some employees are seeking medical testing for life and worker's compensation for any asbestos-related conditions.