LONG BEACH - Long Island's South Shore was hit hard by Friday's stormy weather, which is evoking memories of Superstorm Sandy for residents and officials.

This week's storm brought a triple threat of strong winds, heavy rain and high waves, causing concern about flood damage and erosion.

On Sixth Street in Lindenhurst, residents watched nervously as floodwater began rising on the street and driveways Friday afternoon, with the memory of Sandy weighing heavily on their minds.

Allison Heller and her neighbors have taken measures such as raising their homes to avoid a repeat of Sandy's damage.

Strong winds and waves as high as 15 feet are expected to pound South Shore beaches.

The city of Long Beach was devastated by Sandy, and has since spent $100 million on storm mitigation improvements. One such improvement is building a sand berm along the beach to protect it from erosion.

City Manager Jack Schnirman says new sand dunes have been built to Army specifications. He says 10-foot temporary sand berms were built in front of the new, stronger boardwalk, which is also protected by a wave break wall.

Long Beach public works crews have spent the last few days clearing storm drains to help stymie flooding. Officials advise residents to tie down or bring outdoor furnishings inside to minimize damage.