JONES INLET - The U.S. Coast Guard says it is stepping up safety enforcement in the waters around Long Island after a boat capsized in Cold Spring Harbor last night, killing three children. Patrols were out today, making sure boats weren't loaded above capacity and that boat passengers were equipped with approved life jackets.

Law requires any children under age 12 who is not in a boat cabin to wear a life jacket. Below the deck, wearing a jacket could prevent a trapped person from escaping, experts say. The children who died in the capsizing last night were trapped in the cabin. It's unclear if they were wearing life vests. The 24 other people aboard the 34-foot boat were rescued from the water. The Coast Guard says it issues more than 100 safety violations each year to pleasure craft owners.3 children dead after boat capsizes in Cold Spring HarborMan captaining yacht blames rogue wave for capsizingFULL INTERVIEW: Captain of capsized yacht