PHILADELPHIA - History was made on Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as Democrats made Hillary Clinton the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders moved that Clinton be selected as the nominee by acclamation.

The combustible nature of the convention was still on display Tuesday. On Market Street in the heart of Philadelphia, delegates for and supporters of Sanders showed their refusal to support Clinton. She's supposed to become the Democratic Party's official nominee, but Sanders delegate Werner Lange, of Ohio, said he and other Sanders supporters will not remain quiet on the convention floor.

Despite the frustration, Sanders urged his supporters to back Clinton, even after WikiLeaks released emails appearing to show high-level DNC staffers working against the Sanders campaign during the primary. He spoke to the New York delegation Tuesday morning.

"In my view, our immediate task, what we must do or forever look back and regret, is defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton," Sanders said.

Sanders delegate Dr. JoAnn Fujioka, of Colorado, said that while she loves Sanders, he is no longer in the running and she'll instead support Clinton. She believes the "Bernie or Bust" proponents should follow suit.

Following Sanders' call to nominate Clinton during the roll call, his supporters flooded the streets surrounding the Wells Fargo Arena and stormed the media tent, causing it to go on lockdown at one point. Some said they there finished with the Democratic Party after what they feel was a rigged process.

One Sanders delegate from Nevada told News 12 that a "DemExit" had occurred.

Clinton is the first woman to become a presidential nominee for either the Republican or Democratic parties.