CLEVELAND - A Cleveland native is living proof that not everyone who heads to a presidential convention is in it just for politics and that kindness is bipartisan.

Ricky Smith is providing essentials like socks, mouthwash and deodorant to anyone who needs it, free of charge.

Smith, who grew up in Cleveland but now calls California home, has become known for his random acts of kindness. The spontaneous outpouring of love doesn't happen just once every four years for Smith. Twice a year, Smith hops in his car and gives to complete strangers in 50 cities in 30 days. Using the hashtag #RAKE, for random acts of kindness, the do-gooder has spread love coast to coast, including cities in Westchester County, Long Island, New Jersey and parts of the Bronx, with no strings attached.

Smith only asks for one thing in return…hugs. "A lot of people don't realize when you do good acts of kindness you help yourself," says Smith.