OHIO - A Cleveland man has been arraigned on charges of rape and kidnapping days after three women missing for about a decade were found alive at his home.

Ariel Castro appeared in court Thursday morning. He looked down at the ground while lawyers spoke to the judge. Bond was set at $2 million on each case.

Meanwhile, new details are emerging about what the three women endured during their 10 years of captivity.

According to officials, the women only saw the light of day twice and were forced to suffer miscarriages.

In addition, reports say Castro gave the women cake to celebrate the day they were abducted.

Castro, 52, was charged with three counts of rape and four counts of kidnapping after allegedly tying up the three Ohio women inside his home.

Police say the women were bound by ropes and chains, kept in different rooms, and often raped and tortured.

Two of the victims, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, returned home yesterday for the first time in almost a decade. Michelle Knight remains in the hospital.

According to reports, Knight told investigators Castro forced her to deliver Berry's daughter in a kiddie pool and warned her that if the baby died, she would die too.

Knight reportedly also told police the newborn girl stopped breathing at one point, so she "breathed for her," giving mouth-to-mouth to keep her alive.

Knight also said that Castro impregnated her "at least 5 times," but that each time he would starve her and punch her in the stomach to make her suffer a miscarriage.

Police say the girls could remember being outside only twice in their 10 years of captivity.

Reports also say Berry was able to escape on Monday, because Castro forgot to lock the main front door.
Instead, he locked only the screen door she broke through to get free.

Court documents dating back to 2005 show Castro had a history of domestic violence.

According to his wife, Castro broke her nose, her ribs, and threatened to kill her and her daughter.

Meanwhile, prosecutors brought no charges against Castro's brothers, citing a lack of evidence.

AP wires contributed to this report