RIVERHEAD - A man accused of stealing a Suffolk police chief's gun belt testified in his own defense at a pre-trial hearing today.

Christopher Loeb, 27, of Smithtown, is accused of stealing Suffolk Police Chief James Burke's bag from his SUV back in December.

Loeb said that after being arrested and taken to the 4th Precinct for the alleged theft, Burke entered his interrogation room and told four officers to get out. Loeb then testified that Burke put his hand on his face, squeezed it and punched him on the top of his head.

Loeb also testified that there was porn in the bag. He says the police chief told him that nobody would believe him. Loeb alleges that Burke threatened to put him and his family "through hell."

Today, Loeb also testified that two other officers assaulted him.

Evidence against Loeb includes a signed confession, but Loeb says he never even saw parts of the confession that police say he signed.