RIVERHEAD - A 37-year-old woman pleaded guilty Thursday in the death of a nursing home patient that prosecutors say was ignored in the final moments of her life.

Christina Corelli, of East Patchogue, pleaded guilty to willful violation of public health laws.  According to investigators, Corelli ignored ventilator alarms while at the bedside of 72-year-old Aurelia Rios at the Medford Multicare Center in 2012.  Investigators say Corelli admitted that she never got help when she heard the alarms.

In addition, prosecutors say Corelli admitted that she didn’t see anyone else address the alarms either.  Rios was also supposed to be connected to a ventilator at night, but she was allowed to go to sleep without it, according to prosecutors.

Rios died of a heart attack the next morning.

Another person connected to the case, nurse’s aide Leona Gordon, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in January 2013.  Jurors are being selected for the seven other individuals who are awaiting trial.

Corelli is expected to get three years probation.