COMMACK - Hundreds of working parents in Suffolk are scrambling to find child care after the county changed who qualifies for benefits.News 12 Long Island spoke to Renee Delgado, a single mother of three who no longer qualifies for assistance because she makes more than $34,000 annually.Social Services Commissioner Greg Blass says several factors led to the change in guidelines for child care assistance. He says recent rises in child care costs, more families seeking financial assistance for child care and a drop in the state aid that funds it have created a perfect storm. He says the county had no choice but to adjust who qualifies for assistance in order to meet the gap. Blass says he believes this cut could ultimately cost the county more in the long run as these families are forced to rely on public assistance. Meanwhile, Delgado doesn't know what she'll do come Monday, but she worries she may have to quit her job.