HEMPSTEAD - A Garden City man who spent more than a week in jail over accusations of resisting arrest had his charges dropped Thursday by the Nassau County DA.

Police charged 34-year-old Bobby Hayes with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after officers approached him as part of a narcotics investigation in Hempstead. In the arrest report, police claim Hayes refused to give his name and used racial slurs during questioning outside a Hempstead barbershop. The report also says Hayes resisted arrest and pulled his arms away from officers.

However, Hayes' attorney William Petrillo says cellphone video taken by the barbershop's owner shows his client was calm. When the Nassau DA's office saw the video, Hayes was released from jail and the charges were dropped.

The Nassau County District Attorney's Office and Nassau police say the arrest is under investigation, but wouldn't say if the officers had been disciplined. Hayes and his attorney are considering filing suit against the police.