WYANDANCH - A Suffolk lawmaker who is running against incumbent Rep. Peter King for the 2nd Congressional District is calling on his opponent to drop support for Donald Trump.

Democratic congressional candidate and Suffolk County Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory says King's support of the Republican presidential nominee is offensive to minorities in the 2nd District. The district, which sits along the South Shore in parts of both Nassau and Suffolk, has about 4,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans.

"Donald Trump has tried to de-legitimize President Obama's presidency, and the person who represents this district stands behind the person who does that? I think that's just a lack of respect," Gregory says.

King is firing back that it's not a fair criticism, and says he stands by his support for Trump.

"I think it's wrong to use the race card," King says. "Donald Trump is not a bigot, is not a racist. Donald Trump is equal opportunity when it comes to insulting people or attacking people."

Trump spent years questioning President Obama's birthplace. On Friday, he tried to put the issue to rest, finally acknowledging that the president was indeed born in the U.S.  

Some voters who spoke with News 12 say they won't necessarily tie the congressional candidates to the rhetoric or the positions put forth by the presidential options.