CENTEREACH - Students in a high school fashion design class say that some of the course reference material they received is offensive.

Students said they received reading material at Centereach High School on how to mask body fat. The pamphlet shows girls' body parts and references cellulite and "unattractive bulges." 

There is also a page dedicated to back fat labeled, "Busty? Good. Booty? Good. Back fat? Eh, not so good." 

Another page recommended that girls whose thighs rub together should avoid wearing shorts.

"Me and my friends were offended by it," said Katelynn Passarella, a ninth-grader who received the pamphlet. 

Passarella's mother said she's worried the material will encourage students toward self-consciousness, bulimia or anorexia.

The Middle Country School District told News 12 it is investigating the use of inappropriate classroom material. 

Further use of these materials or materials similar in nature will not be permitted, according to the district.