CENTER MORICHES - A Center Moriches girl proved to be a cut above the rest on a reality cooking show.

Ten-year-old Lauryn Mitchell was victorious in the "Chopped Junior" episode in which she appeared on the Food Network Tuesday.

Mitchell enjoys whipping up stuffed burgers, steaks and chicken. She says her favorite is Italian food.  

"The first meal I made was pasta from a box, but then I was like 'this is not good enough,' so then I was like, 'let's make homemade pasta.'"

Mitchell's older sister, Kayla, appeared on Master Chef Junior in 2015.

"I was a little jealous because she was stealing the spotlight from me," Lauryn says.

Lauryn and Kayla's mother, Michelle, says she never pushed her daughters to cook, but always encouraged them to have fun in the kitchen.